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General Terms of Conditions


If the content or style of this website offends lawful regulation of other companies or private persons, we may ask you for an equivalent message without account. We assure that justified passages will be removed immediately or amended, without you needing an advocate. The time consuming intervention of an advocate, which is liable to pay costs, is not intention of the property right holder. Originated costs without previous contact will be rejected and may cause a counter charge due to malpractice of clauses.

1. Subject of the contract
mycoffeestar sold online-shop offers goods to customers with specified delivery- and conditions of sale (GTC).

2. Conclusion of contract
The contract with customer and mycoffeestar is only valid with an order from the customer and an order acceptance of mycoffeestar. The order happens primarily on the internet. Mycoffeestar accepts the order by sending an acceptance (via mail, post or e-mail) or the ordered good are delivered directly. (incl. Bill of delivery)

3. Product offer
All information about capsuled which the customer gets in the context of order transaction are without commitment. Especially are there variation in design and technology which improve the functionality of the capsule, as well as error of description, illustration and prices.
Capsules which are against legal clauses are not offered.

4. Terms of payment
All prices include the legitimate VAT. The valid currency is (delivery with the EU) EURO (EUR). Distribution with prepayment.

5. Terms of delivery
The ordered goods can be transmitted world-wide. While in stock, good are transmitted immediately to the customers stated address. Alternatively an acceptance of order takes place including the supposable date of delivery. The prices for delivery are apparent on the website.

6. Reservation of proprietary rights
The delivered goods are property of mycoffeestar until the customer paid the whole sum. Mycoffeestar is able to put through an entry in the register of reservation of proprietary rights.

7. Right of return
In consideration of the following terms of return, mycoffeestar takes back article of trade. The goods have to be in good order and condition (without damage or marking) when returned. There is a period of return of 14 days which starts with receipt of the goods to the customer. Costs of return are paid by the customer. Mycoffeestar can refuse the return if conditions are not fulfilled. Caused efforts in behalf of mycoffeestar have to be paid by the customer, if terms of return are neglected by customer.
If the customer has resent the goods correctly, mycoffeestar gives out a credit or payback in the amount of the sum.
The customers are to check the received goods immediately for defects and report them within the period of return.

8. Defects liability and accountability
The defects liability occurs after law.

9. Intellectual property
mycoffeestar reserves its rights for design, all texts, all graphics on their website. Copying or other reproductions or parts or the whole site are forbidden.

10. Data privacy
mycoffeestar assures that charge, processing and use of personal data is subjected to the Swiss data privacy law and the corresponding legal norms. Provided that the customer does not have another wish, the personal data is only used for ensurance of the conclusion of business transaction. A transfer of data to others is barred. The customers avow themself as complied with the use of their data.

11. Address of service applicable law
The on hand terms of conditions are subjected to Swiss law to the exclusion of the UN-CISG. Court of jurisdiction is Zurich.

12. Final provisions
Only the version of terms of condition applies which are at the time of the conclusion of the contract valid. The business conditions are especially valid, if they differ from them of the customer. If some clauses are effectless or become effectless, that does not have an effect on the other clauses. Incidentally mycoffeestar is always able to change the terms of conditions.

Innsbruck, Juni 2018