Open the lever or latch of your Nespresso machine to verify if the inner surface of the cylinder (capsule holder) is smooth or if it has grooves. Watch the video

  1. Cylinder with smooth surface → the sealing ring is not required; use the capsule without silicone ring.
  2. Cylinder with grooves → a sealing ring is required. Apply one of the supplied sealing rings as follows:
      • Close empty capsule with the lid tightly.
      • Role the sealing ring from the smaller end of the capsule carefully towards the lid. The ring should rest on the outer side of the lid with its narrower rim pointing towards the grooves of the capsule.
      • Press the sealing ring tightly towards the lid.

Note! Using the capsule without sealing ring when cylinder has grooves lets most of the water leak into the collecting container of the machine.
Keep the the second sealing ring that was supplied for replacement.